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Who the fuck do you think you are?
Wanna know this motley krew a bit better? Course ya do... Also brand new to the page... Our top tens of stuff! Oh yes. So now ya can choose yr fave MvN member by seeing what ya got in common... perfect. Any psycho-analysts wanna check the pics, read the top tens and make judgement... please get incontact.

The Deadly Shrimp
The half toothed honky tonk bass & boobs

* Dawn Of The Dead remake
* Unity
* Zombie Films
* eddie Romero (Not George)
* The Deadly Spawn
* Jap Horror
* Selling out
* Me new job Postying
* Katrina, me girlfriend & family
* Op Ivy

Timmy O'Hanny
The pie-eyed six stringer of O'Hanlon

* Sam moving out
* Lau moving in
* L.F.D
* Battle Royle
* Kelly Slater Pro Surfer (xbox)
* Brandy
* Stella Artois
* Lock-In at The Darrowby
* Nobbys hairdo
* Aarons Mum

Wanna Be So Solid Crew/The Punk Peter Andre

* Baking trays to the head
* My Brother Tom
* Discharge-style political punk
* Being Vegi
* My Sexxxy Sixxx Pack
* Big Snowboard Jackets for Summer
* The Mews
* Coca Cola
* Watching Footy when there's a band praccy
* Me Best Bud Timmy

The Burt
The zen guitar predator

* Not telling my the band about my new tattoos
* Strip Clubs
* Aliens vs Predator (getting wet)
* Marc (Complaints Dept)
* Strip Clubs
* Cold Baths
* Flicking pennies at people in wheelchairs
* Break Dancin
* Event Horizon
* Strip Clubs

Big Trick Daddy BeatUp
Hardcore white muslim rap

* Me new sampler & shit
* Jedi Mind Tricks
* 'Conversations With God. Book 1' by Neale Donald Walsch
* Sticky green smoke
* Spiced Rum & Coke
* Lesbians & Lesbians
* Post Apocalypic Barbarian fims
* Being a scally
* Islam4real.com
* Porkless Pies

The Notorious N.O.B

* "I'm a drummer in a rock band"
* Girly rock gods 'HIM'
* Ragga
* The bird who gives me the keys to praccy
* Washing up Tims dishes
* Loosin money on da Horses
* Dr Lau
* Looking like an 80's Wrestler
* Gurning and chewing my face
* "Alright Sweetheart"

Mr Dead
Hardcore screamin early mornin pimpin

* Mad Max 2
* Ice Cube
* Blazin Up
* Sleeping
* Chillin' in tha Blue Torpedo
* Smackdown: Bring The Pain PS2
* Floz Beast & my bitch
* Friends Of Ed
* Lesbo Action
* Summer

"Speading my tunes like a mad disease/ Growing underground like roots on trees/ Bigger than Notorious BIG/ And evil like mutha fucking G.G"