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Da Fanx List...
Ok, here it is... the much needed to be added to Thanks list, yeah, there's fucking tons of you who should be on here but aren't because, well, doing this list is boring as fuck. But anyway, think we've done nearlly all the bands, slowly going through the others too, so cheers y'all, if ya aint on now ya might be soon...

Bands (Nice folk we had the pleasure of doing the do with)Action Everybody, Adequate 7, Antimaniax, Antilectual, APB, BattleSka, Bickles Cab, Billy Got Fired (RIP), BlowBack, Bog Monster, BossEye, Bullet Proof Cupid (RIP), Bus Station Loonies, BuzzKill, Candyrag, Captain Everything, Caught in the Headlights, CB4, Chindits, Chowderboy, Circa 84, Cleatus, CroakDitch, Cupid Stunt, Dead Pets, Defected, The Deficits, Dog On A Rope (RIP), Dugong, Dummy Run, Dwarf Antidote, Eastfield, 84 Down, EggPlant, Evil Deluxe, Evil Macaroni, Fadge, FDK, Fed After Midnight (RIP), FellThru, Fig. 4.0, The Filaments, Five Knuckle, Flatliner, 46 Itchy, Freaks Union, The G-Men (RIP), Goddamn MiniVan, Gone 2 Pot, Harsh, HomeBrew, Hot Quiche Conspiracy, If All Else Fails, Indicator, Inducing Regret, Inline Skating Barbies (RIP), The Informers, Joe Ninety, Just A Pasty, Kakakadoo, Kismet HC, Lead The Way, Leek and the Bouncing Uptones, Left For Dead, LeftOver Crack, LightYear, The Louse, MadSkat, MDS, The Mercy Suite, Mighty Snortin Powder Rangers, Mr Shiraz, Mybe, My Dad Joe, The New Lev Yashin, No Reason Why?, One Car Pile Up, Pellethead, R Kid, Route 215, The SikNotes, SharkEye Williams, ShatterHand, Slater (RIP), Sorry For Nothing, Spam Dagger, The Splitters, StuntFace, Vanilla Pod, Webster, WORM, Ye Wiles,

Taxis (Our taxi rides, roadies and general run arounds...)Mark ‘Big’ Burt, Pete ‘The Roadie’ meat parchal Marchal, Marky 'All Millner No Filler' Millner, Rob ‘Ska’ Gray, Charlotte ‘8 of Hearts’ Bulmer, Sean 'Ugly' Dudley, Curly ‘Boy meets World’, Georgeous George Allen, Sepulturas tour bus driver, The crazy 'taxi' dude in London,

Crash Mats (All the good people who let us sleep on their floors)Chris BattleSka (We’ll leave Shrimp in the van next time), Zig Cleatus, Jezz HawkWind, Chris Chowder, Tom Adequate7, KO Powder Ranger, Mac Incision, The Burts Gran, Sally & Leon (skunk weeeeeed), Sam, Phil Macaroni, The Simpkins Family (but not Toxie, you crazy fool), Garrod fell Down Laughing, White Heart Hotel, The AA

The rest (er... thanks dudes...) First and foremost for putting up with our bullshit way too much - our family, friends and girlfriends (kissy kissy), Jim APBeam, Jimbo Freaks, Garvin 'Toastie Taylor' (Johnny Blaze!), Brother Tez & Sue Burt (and the rest of the freemason krew), Prof. Jonathan Hell, The Monkey (ExMvN), Rory ‘The Punisher’ O’Hanlon, Dr Lau (and his 7 Faces of death), Simon La Barn (and his sweet candy ass mum), Ian Armstong (you love us, so don't pretend ya don't), Jamie Bear, Rich Tea & Katie (Radio 9), Mick Blimmer™, Sean & Dean (the real Dudley Boyz), Charlie Suv, Chris Bower, Dave & Claire Dislocate, Cheryl 182 (can you bring yr camera...?), Mike Davies (The Lock Up), Don & Anne Giovanni (ex Loud Nelson), and the rest of the Thirsk punkz... and the kids that breakdance at our gigs, we love you... Our plan was a success... Cheers!

"Don't matter how many think your wrong/This will always be your song"