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Kontact The M.v.N Krew
Ok, we enjoy a bit of banter now and then... So feel free to e:mail us, track us down, and trade photos of our Mums.
for gigs/bookings/ordering stuff/or things for the site get Mike
for stuff relating to drugs, wrestling or being a gangsta rapper get hold of BeatUp
for general abuse get Shrimp (actually don't... he's being picked on enough by us as it is...)

The other MvN Krew aren't technologically advanced enough to have e:mail yet... Infact they probably don't even know how to work a computer...

  BeatUp aka: Big Trick Daddy/ Aaron/ Smack!/ Daynes

I aint checking e:mails regular now I got rid of t'internet, but if you need me and you can't see me try i_sell_heroin_to_kids@yahoo.co.uk

  Mr Dead aka: Mike/ Dead/ Michelle/ Dicko

Mike is the one y'all will wanna contact if you wanna book us for a gig, wanna order our stuff or anything important like that, and the sites been chucked his way now so out to do with it get him on
He also puts on the Flame Squad gigs in Thirsk, so if yr after a gig, drop him a line... Sometimes on Yahoo! messenger as mr_eleven_pence

  The Deadly Shrimp aka: Shrimp/ Paul/ Tubster/ Shimmer

Why anyone would wanna contact Shrimp is beyond me, but if ya fancy it/him, then e:mail shrimpsworld@yahoo.co.uk
He's also opening a record shop in Thirsk, so if ya wanna sell stuff thru him give him a bell. or some sweets

"I look at the world/And see a joke/people loosing it/Cuz they can't cope/I sit back & have a smoke/& keep on smiling till I fucking choke"