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These be some bands that are in our Gangsta Krew

Adequate 7 Ska punk hardcore funk... cooler dan a muthafucker
APB Ace ska/dub/reggae band from Leeds!
BattleSka Awesome punk/ska/funk/jazz instrumental band...
BossEye New Thirsk band, featuring ExWrite Offs. Top skanking ska.
Captain Everything I can’t actually remember seeing these, but the rest of the band say they’re good
ChowderBoy These be local(ish) ska punkers who like horror films, yeah, we love each other...
The Deficits Narly punk rockers, that rock.
Five Knuckle Fucking great hardcore with a touch of ska. One of the Uks best bands!
Freaks Union Without a doubt the best band ever. I got that shit tattoo’d on my leg
The Informers French punk rockers dat we dig.
LFD! A shit band, but they threatened to kill us if we didn't stick up a link.
MadSkat Belgium ska-core heroes, yey!
My Dad Joe Cool punk rockers, with a kinda odd name
Vinyl Collide Indie rockers that we beat up very often

Some record labels ya shoulda oughta check...

BYO Records Boy oh boy, it BYO, home of some top punk rock
Crackle! The UKs bestest pop punk label ever, and a freaking huge mailorder list of cds and vinyl
Deck Cheese Punk rock label, and these guys do Big Cheese magazine too
Dislocate Records Durham based punk label who released a MvN song on a comp, also home to Homebrew...
HouseHoldName Records Great London based punk/ska label who secretly want to sign us...
MoonSka Europe Top notch ska label with a bunch of fly acts, also secretly want to sign us...

The underground scene is right here boyee, so stop yr fruitless searching...

Greek & Ginger Bristol based punk rockers who put on gigs
Punk & Oi in the UK An invaluable site, features gig listings, news, reviews and a ton of other shit
Random DamageGreat punk e-zine, full of reviews & interviews and much more...
The Ska Tons of goings on in the ska scene
Triple Threat Newcastle based punk rock gig organisers

Other shit that we adore so much...

AinderbyQuernhow The best thing on this site is a fact zone thing that has The Burt on it!
Anarchist Cook-book wanna fuck with the system? Learn how to make mischief right here!
Ask Snoop Translate a site in Snoop talk. Its the shizzle ma nizzle!
Big Dada British hip hop label... Home of New Flesh & Roots Manuva
Brains On Film cool site with a bunch of horror and humour...
British Horror Cool site on those cheesey old brit horrors. Great page on MvN fave Living Dead @ Manchester Morgue
Cheech & Chong The original stoner wasters...
C.K.Y You know the score. Home of shit slinging & making self harm cool, just like GG Allin, but with skateboards!
Confederate Mack Excellent site.. Wrestling, Titties, Drugs, Punk... If its not here, its not worth checking out
Cypress Hill Stoner Hip hop, you know damn well who they are
Dave Courtney Keep it gangsta, london styleee. The coolest crim in the UK, with punk rock conections.
David Allen Coe The REAL outlaw country rebel... This guy rocks harder than anyone!
Hammer Horror Home of those great British horrors you grew up on...
Hip Hop Online News, reviews, interviews and profiles on all things hip hop
Homepage of the Dead A site dedicated to George Romeros excellent zombie films
HonkyTonkMan The greatest intercontinental champ of all time. Still fat, but now he’s funny.
Horror Haven Links to some great horror films, tons of pics and a bunch of sounds too
HotPunkGirlHot Punk chicks. Oh yes!
Ice Cube “I started this gangsta shit... and this tha muthafuckin thanks I get?”
Johnny Paycheck(rip) This guy is everything cool about country
John Wayne Gacy The serial killer that dressed up as a clown. Oh, you know he’s cool
Ludacris Excellent hip hop stylings from the Def Jam camp. Move bitch get out the way
Macc Lads Some people don’t like these... I think they’re funny as fuck
The Mad Cossack Just go to this site... Now Dammit!!
Mad Max The ultimate site on the ultimate film!
Mafia Vs Ninja No, not us, the amazing kung-fu flick where we got our name... Good pics and a quality write up
Mattitude Version:1 wrestler Matt Hardy. You know he’s cool.
Micheal Moore Author of 'Stupid White Men' & director of 'Bowling for Columbine'
Murder Junkies Punk rock baby! From antiseen singer Jeff Clayton, plus GGs old band!.
Neo Wrestling A pretty damn fly wrestling site with biogs of all the greats, like Big Daddy
NOI vs Cointel The Nation Of Islam let rip on the US Counter Intelligence Program
Owen Hart A tribute to a great wrestler who died like a (super) hero
Realm Of Horror More cool horror stuff to sneak a peak at.
7 Deadly Sims If you got The Sims on yr computer, this is the best free site to download fly objects...
Simeons Magic Some silly magic tricks, kills a few minutes
Ted Bohus SFX magazine by the guy who gave us The Deadly Spawn! He should be knighted
Terrorist Handbook Make bombs, explosives and ammunition, and go kill some politicians
Thirsk Our town, oh yes. Come see what we have to live in
TimeWarp Films Home of the immortal 'Don Dohler' - creator of 'Fiend' & 'NightBeat'
Tommys BookMarks Free tits and arse. Yeah ya do!
Wesley Willis Not an official site, just a page on him, BUT ya gotta check out the Wesley Willis song generator... Go now!
Yummy Cool Austrian punk/sk8 site with cool pin badges

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