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Stuff we got to sell to da good folk...
Wanna show how much you love us? Then buy some of our stuff. Contact Mike with what you wanna order mafiavsninja@choked.co.uk and he'll sort it with ya.
And if you go to one of our gigs, ya should be able to get all this and maybe more... And with no postage costs...

We got a bunch of patches in now! Black material with 'Mafia Vs Ninja' in white. THey're about 6" by 2" maybe, not to sure... Ask Mike when ya order our goodies...

'Evil' demo
Our first demo, recorded in June 2001.
1: 'Intro'
2: 'Da Hustler (Part IV)'
3: 'Evil'
4: 'Best Mate'

3 (inc p&p)

'Radiation Generation' demo
Our 2nd demo. Recorded March 2002
1: 'Crossface'
2: 'Youth.com'
3: 'Nobby' (live)

3 (inc p&p)

Mafia Vs Ninja T-Shirts
Wear these and even the police won't hassle you! Quality black shirt with 'Mafia Vs Ninja' printed on chest in white.
Available in Small, Med, Large & XLarge
Plus Skinny fit girl tops!
As worn by all the cool kids in Thirsk.

Also available in white with black print

9 (inc post)
Or buy shirt & both demos for 13.50 (inc post)

'...And Now The Screaming Starts...' demo
3rd Demo, Recorded March 2002
1: 'House at the Edge of the Park'
2: 'Evil'
3: 'Last House on the Left'
4: 'Outro'

Horror induced Punk rock & Dark ska. New version of Evil, plus the spooky 'Outro (Shogun Disorder)'

3 (inc p&p)

"Straight Outta Thirsk" demo
4th Demo. Recorded March 2002
1: 'Bak 2 Da Old Skool'
2: 'Choke On It'
3: 'Happy Addict'
4: 'Why?'
5: 'Kill You Bastard'

Punk rock with hip hop leanings. Includes 'Kill You Bastard' - the hip hop, dub, ska MvN assault remixed and bastardized by Jamie Bear

3 (inc p&p)