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Dark Ska/Splatter punk/Rap-Core

Evil - Demo cd
Intro/Da Hustler/Evil/Best Mate

Radiation Generation - Demo cd
CrossFace/Youth.com/Nobby (live)

...And Now The Screaming Starts... - Demo cd
House On The Edge Of The Park/Evil (Edwin Rord remix)/Last House On The Left/Outro (shogun Disorder)

Straight Outta Thirsk - Demo cd
Why?/Back 2 Da Old Skool/Choke On It/Happy Addict/ Kill You Bastard

Unorganized Chaos - Dislocate Records

RapeCrisis Benifit - Punktured

Shit people have said 'bout us...
(from Random Damage site...)

Evil (Demo)CDR Demo, 4 Tracks, Length - 12:05†
Mafia Vs Ninja are definitely something a little bit out of the ordinary, 3 singers for a start! I wasn't sure how the non stop attack on your senses that is the live show would translate onto CD and this is obviously the answer. Four tracks which manage to capture just how enjoyable they are live, this demo is jam packed with mad quotes from horror films and spoofs and it's also the songs I enjoy most live. The fist song "Intro" ends hilariously with some mad quote that says "That bastard has died, our plan was a sucess, thankyou, cheers". The vocals are the main focal point and mix a kind of rap style with the punk guitars and drums which pays off well. "Evil" has an underlying ska bass line but puts kind of distorted guitars to this which makes a change from the usual squeaky clean ska sound and fits better with the style of the song anyway. I'm trying to pick a favourite song and it's either "Evil" just for the chorus of "Evil, Indeed!" which made me laugh anyway or "Da Hustler (Part IV)". The other 2 tracks are great too I think this could be an acquired taste and you really have to see them live to understand, so go out and see them.

Mafia Vs Ninja Radiation Generation (Demo)CDR Demo, 3 Tracks, Length - 7:18
The loons have escaped the asylum and are in the northern town of Thirsk parading in some outfit known only as Mafia Vs Ninja. Radiation Generation is the second demo from the MVN boys as a follow up to last years great "Evil" demo. As usual no MVN recording would be without the now pre-requisite movie samples and this has them but they pale in comparison to the ones featured on the first demo "Evil". That said this demo fails miserably when compared to the first one (except for the cover art and the pretty coloured jewel case), not that this one is bad, it's just the first one is amazing. The title track to this one "Radiation Generation" is the standout track on here with the typical MVN ska-punk-hip-hop in full effect. The last track of the 3 is a previously unreleased live track about their drummer Nobby, imagina0000000tively titled "Nobby" but it doesn't do their amazing live show the justice it deserves. Overall it's a good effort but if you've not heard the Ninja boys before go for demo number one over this but if you've already got that pick this up as a taster for their forthcoming album which should be great. (WL)

From Fracture issue 20
Evil Demo
Recorded in mid 2001this demo has four tracks from members of Homebrew, The Write Offs and other dudes from the streets of Thirsk. All 4 tracks are funny in an early Evil Macaroni kind of way and sounding like a slightly punkier Write Offs. Fucking awsome samples between songs roud of a good demo. If you get a chance to see this band live, do it.

From Big Cheese issue 32
This eclectic 8 peice outfit from Thirsk turn in a really well put together little package of what can only be described as a bizarre blend of LeftOver Crack, Beastie Boys and The Specials. It's hectic, bouncy & ctachy as hell. You can imagine these guys must rip it live too, seeing as there's 8 of 'em! TRacks like 'Evil' twist from skankin ska rhythms to balls out, straight out punk. Great use of samples from classic horror films too, which is quite unique in punk these days. Mad stuff!

and one from Nihilsm On The Prowl for the Disclocate comp we're on...

A lot of the bands on here were either brand new to me or didn't look too exciting on paper. So it was good to be introduced and proved wrong on some tracks. 'Unorganised Chaos' kicks off with the hilarious sound bite - "My friend what are you doing?...You wanna know, I'm gonna kill ya bastard!!!!!"! 'Intro' by Mafia Vs Ninja. The actual track is a fucking funny piss-take too. Aimed at I suspect all those hard knuckled gangsta rappers and skanksters. It swoops in with an addictive sinister skanking organ and those spooky wailing sounds you hear on Scooby Doo cartoons.

and live reviews... (from Random damage site)

Date: Saturday, 22nd June 2002 Reviewer: Hilary Bevan ...And next, the local heroes, Mafia vs Ninja. I wasnít expecting much from this set as Iíd heard conflicting reviews of MvN, some saying they were fantastic and some saying they were awful. By the time they had played two bars I knew that it was the reviews saying they were fantastic that I should believe. The stage was full, there were at least three vocalists, the crowd was dancing and most of them seemed to know all the words aswell. As I sat melting in the corner I found myself singing along too even though it was the first time id heard them. I think it would be interesting to see them play somewhere where the crowd doesnít know them so well as part of the reason the set was so enjoyable was the fact that the majority of people in the room had obviously come to see this band and so the atmosphere was really good. They played a very good, set and Iíll definitely be going to see them again...

Date: Saturday, 29th December 2001 Reviewer: WL... Hometown heroes and all around nutters Mafia Vs Ninja take to the stage next. Most of them are dressed up in fancy dress garb, be it an ape, Jesus, a Mexican, a scouser or a gangsta rapper these guys certainly know how to enjoy themselves and entertain everyone in he process. With 3 vocalists they launch a vocal assault on your senses with the gang vocals and chant-a-long choruses. Snotty punk rock with added guitar ska is served up throughout to the delight of the locals. The lead singer juiced heavily from the first song onwards after countless blows to the forehead from his own microphone, which seems to be his trademark. They race through their set at breakneck speed and are joined onstage by former MVN member Aaron who himself is kitted out as Doink the Clown for the last song. Mafia Vs Ninja whilst not the greatest band I've ever heard certainly are an enjoyable live act and deserve more recog0nition so next time they're playing go along and show you're support and let them entertain you...

"M.V.N ain't nuthin' ta Fuck wid"